«A coach is a temporary co-pilot» Gerhard Fatzer

You are seeking personalized and individual support in mastering a challenge. In COACHING2LEAD you will find a partner with whom you can talk confidentially about an issue and with whom you can uncover and identify problem-causing processes and situations. Together we work through possible solution options and strategies for attaining your goals – all within a defined time frame aligned with your needs.

Together we select key topics, individually tailored to your concerns and objectives, from various coaching areas:


Leadership coaching

management style optimizing communication handling conflict

Personality Coaching

self-assessment individual potential development re-orientation

Work-life-balance coaching

family life/free time vs work life individual resources in decision-making time management

Burnout prevention and health

recognizing signs of stress and burnout factors preventing burnout resiliency training

Conflict and crisis coaching

Recognizing unconscious conflicts conflict prevention resolving crisis during reorganizations and mergers

Coaching for family-owned enterprises

conflicts between generations roles and responsibilitie succession planning